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Expertise in:

Quality Assurance / Disaster Recovery / Network Troubleshooting / Fibre Optic Splicing & Testing / Copper Splicing / Pole Line Infrastructure / Civil Construction

Telecommunications Build Services

Remote & International Consultation

On-Site & International Training Opportunities

Boutique consulting firm.  Family owned and operated. 

A seamless approach to contracting.

Global Broadband's long-standing reputation within the telecommunications industry is built upon our unmatched quality of work, tailored services and delivery on target dates - without exception.  Our clients deserve first-class networks and infrastructure that will continue to serve communication and technical needs for years to come.

Our firm has operated as a mentor-based training facility for the past twenty years, establishing telecom's top talent.  We acknowledge that training is a financial investment - and a time commitment.  Our mentorship program ultimately produces superior craftsmanship, a high caliber of safety and a workforce that is results driven.  We are top-notch troubleshooters, with a team that can take on any magnitude of challenge. 

References from all of our clients, past and present, are available upon request.

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